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*Our product, “Hornbeam Ecological Briquettes” is an eco-friendly product made of ground and dried shredded wood from hornbeam tree. It is an excellent alternative to coal and wood for stoves, furnaces and also for residential heating due to its high calorific value, long combustion, organic nature, relatively lower cost as well as its lower CO2 release and therefore lower carbon footprint.

*It can be used in the heating boilers of houses, offices and apartments for heating.

*It can be used as a fuel in stoves making bread and pizza. Because of its high calorific value and long combustion features, it is 300% more effective than wood. For this reason, bakers save on fuel up to 50% by preferring shredded wood from hornbeam tree briquette.

*“Hornbeam Ecological Briquettes” are solely made of ground and hornbeam tree with no additives or chemicals used in the manufacturing process, therefore, make an eco-friendly product.

*Wood has a lower calorific value than briquette. It has 35-45% moisture ratio as opposed to only 3% that our briquettes have. Therefore, “Hornbeam Ecological Briquettes” are more energy efficient and effective, as more heat is generated from the same amount of product.

*“Hornbeam Ecological Briquettes” are sold in laminated packs of 25 kg each. Our product is easy to carry and conserve.

*“Hornbeam Ecological Briquettes” has a 1% ash ratio. Our product all burn outs and transforms into heat energy. Because of its low ash ratio, it is easier to clean.

*“Hornbeam Ecological Briquettes” long combustion and high calorific value compared to its unit price makes it more economical relative to the other charcoal type products in the market.

*Because of its high volatilization,“Hornbeam Ecological Briquettes” makes a great fire.