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Our product, also named as Pini-Kay in international literature, is a hexagonal solid fuel that has a hole in the middle and compressed under 25 metric tones and at 450 degrees centigrade, which provides higher efficiency as compared to equivalent products such as pallet, ruf and nestro. The hole in the middle of the product provides an internal combustion.


Nutshell Ecological Briquette is an eco-friendly product made of ground and dried hazelnut shells and hornbeam tree. It is an excellent alternative to coal and wood for fireplaces, barbecues, stoves and also for furnaces due to its high calorific value, long combustion, organic nature, relatively lower cost as well as its lower CO2 release and therefore lower carbon footprint.


Hazelnuts are primarily produced in Turkey, Italy and the US; Turkey being the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world with approximately 75% of the total 1 million tones worldwide production.


The hazelnut shell becomes waste after the consumption of the seed but provides a unique opportunity to recycle and turn into an invaluable source of fuel.


" Yaksam Hane" INC. also produces briquettes made of hornbeam tree, which provide an excellent alternative as a heating source. Shredded wood from hornbeam tree can be a good alternative to charcoal and wood for stoves, furnaces and also for residential heating.